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Are you looking to get your content to all smart devices, specially Smart TVs? If so, we have the technology to make it happen!


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CodeDab can create integrated systems for all TV Platforms. We can help you create your own Smart TV app and give you the potential of reaching millions of people around the world. If you are inspired by Netflix, Hulu, or are just looking to provide something new and innovative to the industry, we want to assist you on making this happen.

We can easily get your TV app submitted to all major platforms. If you are looking to place your TV app in Roku, Android TV, Amazon, Apple TV, or any Smart TV like Samsung, LG, Sony, or any other major brand. We’ve got you covered. 


Popular Platforms:
* Roku
* Apple TV
* Amazon Fire TV
* Android TVs
* Android Streaming Boxes
* Google Chrome Cast
* Airplay
* Amazon Fling
* Samsung Smart TV
* LG Smart TV
* Sony Smart TV
* Panasonic Smart TV
* Many Other
We will give you access to your own CMS (Content Management System), and with ease you will be able manage your content. Simply, you just drag and drop your content and set the functions you desire and the changes will be distributed througout the whole Smart Connected TV Platforms.
CodeDab builds all smart and connected TV apps from the ground up, 100% native and under your own brand. 
  • Build Your Brand Like Never Before
  • Fast Professional Development
  • 100% Native Apps
  • Fully Featured
  • Fully Managed
  • End to End Service
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There are several ways to get started with CodeDab. You can fill out the contact forms on this website, give us a call to (323) 412-9910 or chat with us live. We look forward on getting to know you and together create a better tomorrow.